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At Software Technology Partners, we deliver the kind of innovation that provides real competitive advantage for our clients.

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment demands the kind of innovation that delivers competitive advantage and true differentiation in Cloud, Mobile, Data Analytics and Voice Technologies. At Software Technology Partners, we meet that demand. Industry experts and clients regularly use terms like "game changer”, "no-brainer" and “real differentiator” to describe the kind of innovative and patented technologies we develop.

These products have been used worldwide to gain efficiencies and optimize user interactions in over 1.5 billion phone calls to date. Users of our technologies include major airlines, international financial institutions, technology firms and large government agencies. One large voice technology firm liked our adaptive technology product so much, they recently acquired it for direct use in their own product line.

Here are some examples of the kind of technologies we have developed and brought to market.

Adaptive Technology for Human-Computer Voice Interaction.

The technology monitors, measures and ultimately adapts itself based on the skill, expertise and behaviour of callers in the IVR. Faster, more skilled callers hear the voice interaction at gradually increasing playback speeds (words per minute spoken), each time they make a fast and accurate response. Slower, less skilled or less knowledgable callers hear the dialogue progress at a slower pace. Read more.

Fastrack System Software for call optimization.

We developed Fastrack Software in order to allow large scale passenger transportation services to streamline their automated phone calls for better customer service. Fastrack has been so successful in the market place that it has been in use at three of the worlds top five airlines, two of the United States' largest commuter railroads and one of the largest national passenger railroads in the world for several years now. Read more.

Research And Development at Software Technology Partners

There are many new and exciting developments occurring today in Voice Biometrics, Speech Recognition and Analytics, Natural Language Understanding, Big Data, Semantic Analysis and Mobile Technologies, to name just a few. Together with our partners, STP is developing new and improved ways to leverage and enhance these technologies in order to better serve our clients. Read more.

Our Clients

The most progressive companies in the world use our technologies to streamline, optimize and reduce costs for their day-to-day operations. Here's what they have to say about the technologies we have developed.

“Installed easily and performed flawlessly. With it, we cut our automated call handle times by 26 seconds, and increased our call handle rate by over 1.5 percent.”
- Director Of Call Center Operations, Major U.S. Public Transit Company.

“Delivers as promised. We verified an 11 second drop in handle times in our IVR System with the product." - Director, Call Center, Top 5 Super-Regional U.S. Bank.

"Shortened our automated call durations by 6 - 7 seconds and provided an ROI of less than a year for the bank” - SVP Of Operations, Top 3 International Bank.

Our Clients include...

Our Team

Our team of experts are all professionals committed to true innovation and design excellence. These industry recognized luminaries include some of the best in the business and have decades of design experience and successful project development to their credit. Whether it's a strong patent portfolio, published books or scientific papers or a Ph.D, this team delivers on its promise of forward thinking design and innovation.

Daniel O’Sullivan, CEO

Dan is an entrepreneur, innovator and scientist who has developed and licensed his software technologies to American Airlines, HSBC Bank, Rice University, Alcatel-Lucent and dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Maria Aretoulaki, Ph.D.

Maria is a leading expert in voice self-service application design. She has worked for over 20 organizations across 20+ verticals worldwide, including Apple, BBN Technologies, Vodafone and Barclays.

Nikolaos Mavridis, Ph.D.

Nikolaos received his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His publications have received more than 400 citations, has been a TEDx speaker twice and is founder of the IRML lab.

Bruce Balentine

Bruce is EVP and Chief Scientist at EIG and a consultant to Software Technology Partners. Bruce specializes in speech, audio, and multimodal user interfaces and has published definitive books on VUI and Speech Interface design.

Jessica Peterson, Ph.D.

Jessica received her doctorate in Linguistics with a specialization in Cognitive Science from Northwestern University. She has fifteen years of experience in cognitive science and user experience.

David Attwater

David is a Senior Scientist at EIG and a consultant to Software Technology Partners. He has over 20 years of UI design and research, several patents pending, numerous publications and holds two engineering degrees.

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